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Industry Info

How Etching Is Making your Metal Business Card Unique

Time:2023-08-14 Views:300
How Etching Is Making your Metal Business Card Unique
Metal etching/chemical etching or photo etching is a optimal production process that producing metal parts precisely by chemical etchant without making moulds,it is an ideal production way for your unique metal business cards.

As Unique always means difference, not standard,so how etching is helping to make your metal business cards unique?

1.Etching can produce any desired shapes easily for your unique cards

Because no need to make mold for etching production,non-standard shaped metal business cards can be achieved without any difficulty, you can refer to our non-standard shaped metal business cards

2.Etching can make any parts debossed freely.

3.Etching can make any parts embossed

After the backgroung is etched debossed, the rest are embossed

4.Etching can make any parts through etched(hollowed)

Combining with debossing/embossing/hollow parts by etching on your metal business cards, there is great flexibility to make your own unique metal business cards,wanna have a try? Just send us youe inquiry.