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Industry Info

How to Design Your Own Unique Metal Business Card

Time:2023-02-01 Views:490
How to Design Your Own Unique Metal Business Card

Your business cards are not only presenting yourself, but also your company brand image, an unique metal business card will always attract more attention to have a better first impression when you are meeting people for business.

So How to Design Your Own Unique attractive Metal Business Card?

We have
stainless steel business cards (the most popular),
aluminum business cards,
copper business cards,
brass business cards,
bronze business cards,
after you confirm your metal business card materials:

First, to confirm your card thickness & Size

0.3mm (slim)
0.5mm (Normal & Standard)
0.8mm (Thicker)
Other Custom Thickness

Standard size
85*54mm (Most Popular)
Or custom Non-standard size or shaped card

Second, to consider your logo

To check if the color of your logo is solid or gradients?
If your logo color is gradients and you want to keep it the same on your metal business card, you can consider to have a full color metal business card,below is a full color metal business card for your reference:

(Full color printing on brushed stainless steel)

Your gradients color logo can be digitally printed directly on stainless steel(stainless steel business card), aluminum(aluminum business card), copper(copper business card), or brass(brass business card) etc metal cards, or you can print it on metal cards with your favorite color printed, anodized or electro-plated as background.

If your logo color is solid, Screen printing or laser engraving/printing are OK for your metal business card.

Third, to consider the color of your card

Except some people like to have their metal cards with metal own color, most people want their cards with their own favorite color, for luxury metal business cards, these colors are popular and the colors are good quality electro-plated:

Gold Metal Business Card
Silvery Metal Business Card
Black Metal Business Card
Rose gold Metal Business Card
Gun Metal Business Card
White Metal Business Card
Blue Metal Business Card
Red Metal Business Card
Green Metal Business Card
Purple Metal Business Card
Iridescent Metal Business Card

Fourth, to consider the Hollow Etching or Cutout

With chemical etching or laser cutting in our factory, we can easily do hollow etching or cutout for your metal business card, which will make your card different with others without difficulty in low cost. This is the biggest advantage comparing to plastic business cards or paper business cards

(Hollow Etching + Screen Printing)

Fifth, to consider the card finish & Effects 

These Card Finishes are available:
Matte  (standard)

These Card Effects are available:

Etch only (no color)
Etch & color in fill
Laser Engraving
Silk Screen Print
Full color printing
QR Code
Cut Through
Etched Background Pattern
Etching to Card Edge

Variable Data
Magnetic Strips
Signature Strip
Smart chip

Finally, you can send us your design for us to give you our best price or production after order.

If you want to learn more about our Metal Business Cards , welcome to contact us at sales@etchour.com or WhatsApp +86 13632974949,we will give you our full support to make your unique metal business cards more attractive with the best price.