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Gun Metal Business Card

Gun Metal Business Card

Unique metal business card can help you to stand out from your competitors for important clients on special occasions.
    Gun Metal Business Card
    Gun metal color, an iron-black shimmering shade, named because it resembles the light color on the surface of a steel gun, you can click Gun Metal Color for more info, it can made for your high end metal business card.
    Etching is a precise, quick and economical manufacturing process with much production flexibility, when it is used to make a metal business cards, your unique design will be achieved much easier, faster in a lower cost way, plus polishing, brushing, sandblasting, anodizing, electroplating, screen printing, digital full color printing, laser engraving etc production processes, we will help to create your own fantastic metal business cards or metal member cards, so you can be impressed to have a wonderful first impression to build up your business.
    Custom Your Own Features of  Gun Metal Business Card
    0.3mm (slim)
    0.5mm (Normal)
    0.8mm (Thicker)
    Other Custom Thickness
    Standard size
    Or custom Non-standard size or shaped card
    Matte  (standard)
    Card Effects Options
    Etch only (no color)
    Etch & color in fill
    Laser Engraving
    Silk Screen Print
    Full color printing
    QR Code
    Cut Through
    Etched Background Pattern
    Etching to Card Edge
    For metal VIP Cards or metal Loyalty Cards or Metal Credit Card, you may still need
    Variable Data
    Magnetic Strips
    Signature Strip
    Smart chip
    NFC/RFID chip
    Order Process

    Step 1 | Send Us Your Own Designs or Send Us Your Logo & Info & requirements to offer you our best price
    Step 2 | Confirm the Price and Order
    Step 3 | Free Design Service & Artwork Confirming
    Step 4 | Production & Shipping
    If you want to learn more about our gun metal business cards,welcome to contact us at sales@etchour.com or WhatsApp +86 13632974949,we will give you our full support to make your unique metal business cards more attractive with the best price.

Custom Your Metal Cards

We are glad to quote & meet your personal requirements of your own metal business cards.Fill out the contact form, we will get back to you the soonest.

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QR Codes Brushed Finish Variable Data Etch & Infill Laser Engraving Silk Screen Printing Full Colour Printing Cut Throughs Etched Background Pattern Etching to Card Edge Magnetic Strips Signature Strip Non-standard Shaped Card

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