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What is etching?

Time:2022-03-02 Views:175

What is etching?


Etching is done by putting the metal in acids, bases or other chemical etchant, the exposing areas  without resist covered will be removed, so it is called chemical etching. As it is taking photo of the drawings to make the film for metal etching, it is a highly accurate manufacturing process, people also call it photo etching, it can produce any desired shape of high precision metal parts easily, it is an ideal production way for your unique metal business cards.



Comparing to other manufacturing processes, etching provides very good tolerances and high repeatability for features that are too small to achieve with conventional stamping process, it is more cost efficient with shorter lead time, more design flexibility, and no need for deburring, because no need special tooling or mould for production. It is an optimal choice for precision metal part manufacturing.

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