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Industry Info

The Cost of Trust

Time:2023-02-05 Views:442
The Cost of Trust

What is the the cost of trust?

Many people may never think of this question, but it is extreamly important for business, expecially for sales people and business owners,once you start to ask yourself and try to find out the answer in your company marketing, you may understand why more and more companies are using metal business cards or metal membership cards.

The cost of trust is also different for different people and companies,however,the trust is not like a normal product in the market that is having a price lable on it, so how to evaluate the cost of trust?

Since it is difficult to have the cost of trust, why not change your mind how much cost it will add if there is no trust? After you read below our experience,I‘m sure you can inform yourselves thoroughly of the trust cost in your business.

We ETCHOUR are professionally manufacturing metal business cards etc metal products,most of our metal business cards‘ EXW prices are only USD1 to USD3 depending on the custom requirements,MOQ is only 100pcs,that is to say, many order‘s amount is only USD100 to USD300 with shipping cost not included.If there is enough trust,for many customers,after visiting our website,seeing the similar metal card pictures we sent or watching the video we sent with all features of the card they are interested,at the most they need to have a similar sample we made for other customers to check the quality,an order will be confirmed after price confirmation,but for some customers,only seeing is believing,even with their own design, they want to pay extra sample cost to have their own custom samples to test,an order can be only confirmed after they receive and approve the sample,for a bigger quantity order, it is necessary to avoid problem by this way,but for an order of only 100pcs, I am sure, the extra sample cost they pay,and the sample making time they need to wait are obviously the cost of trust.
What is the cost of trust in your bigger business?
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